Shelley (freecheshire) wrote in foxxyredheads,

I am not a redhead...

But I loves the red hairs. I'd be a bottle redhead, but WOW, what a lot of work! Kudos to those of you who get your awesome (at least hair-wise) from a bottle - I sure can't keep up with the effort. I mean, when you get to the point where you need two bottles of dye to get all your hair, it just gets expensive. Also, keeping your roots the same color = hard. Plus, I'm scared of ruining my hair again (all the hair I have right now is 100% all-natural, never-been-dyed, since I fried all my hair off by dying it too much a few years ago and had to start over x.x)

How about everyone else? Are you a natural redhead, or do you get your awesome from a bottle? Or are you like me and just admiring from the sidelines?

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